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About us

Our founder came upon this program on his second trip to Thailand, training with the masters in muay thai boxing. Within his first week of rigorous training he was introduced to an affiliate of the camp, who offered a detox program. He tried it, and quickly discovered that he was unable to continue the intense training regiment while in the middle of the detox. Having traveled across the globe to follow a dream, he was met with a difficult decision- He had to choose one or the other. He followed his gut, so to speak, and checked into the detox facility to continue the program. A few days later, he was frightened by what emerged from his body, a scary thing of unusual color and origin. Being an incredibly healthy person, this came as an obvious shock. He went to the doctor onsite and was directed to a book in his room. Inside the book was an exact picture of the blob that he had seen; the book described it as toxic waste. He then discovered that this is common and the main purpose of detoxing. Even through his healthy living, his body had stored a remarkable amount of toxins. This had a profound effect on his life. Twenty years were spent focusing and perfecting this concept and thus, Essential Edibles was born.

    During his stay in the detox facility, he saw a video of an oncologist. The man had spent his life treating those afflicted with cancer using radiation and chemotherapy. Tragically enough, he ended up developing cancer himself. But as opposed to using the techniques with which he was so vastly familiar, he ended up doing the detox instead. It worked with such grand success, that he was in remission, and made the video twenty years after initially being diagnosed with cancer! This is another confirmation of the unbelievable results possible with this program.